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Choose Uur Three Reasons

Always insist that technology is the primary productivity

Technology is kingCustomized solutions according to customer requirements combined with a large number of universal ready-made products

1. Years of industry experience, collection of upstream and downstream all aspects of high-quality resources.

2. Customized or off-the-shelf GPS, Beidou module and positioning products such as GPS/GSM/GPRS/CDMA/Beidou.

3. 10 clean room and high-end, high-speed SMT chip processing production line to ensure fast matching of various specifications and flexible to meet diversified needs.

Quality is heavyEfficiently improve the stability and service life of GPS modules and Beidou modules

1. We have upstream suppliers of advanced and large factories in the industry, strict selection of devices, from research and development, design, production layer by layer management and control, to ensure that customers get high cost-effective quality products.

2. First passed the UK NQA ISO 9001-2000 certification, strictly implement ISO 9001-2008 documents, the product qualification rate is higher than industry standards.

Service firstLet you always worry after sales

1. Whether it is custom or wholesale, one-to-one service throughout, full follow-up.

2. Special car delivery service, professional dispatcher ensures delivery is fast and on time.

3. Enjoy the national quality assurance policy, all products are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of manufacture, and lifetime maintenance is 24 hours.After-sales hotline, the commissioner responded to doubts.

About Us

Committed to providing users with advanced and comprehensive technical services

Shen Zhen Hua Tong Intecligent Technology Company

    Hua Tong intellignet is a hight-tech enterprise that intergrates research and development production and sales of Beidou GPS application terminal. Head quartered in Shen Zhen there are branches Hong Kong,Su Zhou,Hang Zhou,Cheng Du and Xi An.
    The company is based on people-oriented science and technology to serve the society for the purpose, committed to providing users with advanced and comprehenive technical services.Take the lead in promoting standar dization and international lization of automobile industry positioning in an all-round way.Strive to be the creator and transmitter of industry standards. Since its establishment, the company has always insisted that science and technilogy is the first productive force.



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